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We promote the transformation of business and society, through innovative solutions and services, setting people at the center of everything.

Welcome to the human technological revolution.

We are the mark we leave and the mark we wish to leave.

We automate the processing and evaluation of exam certifications

We provide support to public and private institutions throughout the entire mass testing cycle, such as the Cervantes Institute, with our InADAN-Exámenes solution. We optimise the processing and evaluation of over 160,000 exams every year using our digitisation, image recognition and automatic correction systems for hard copies of exams.

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We improve traveller experience in a global world, controlling border security

We help airport and government infrastructures promote the global migratory activity, which is growing and has proven to make the economy more dynamic. We provide them with a response to increase security, accelerating transit and detecting fraud using innovative solutions, which have an impact on how regulated and non-regulated borders are managed. We cannot avoid controls, but we can make them safer, more agile and efficient, improving traveller experience.

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We help attract customers for leisure and culture centres through gamification

We work with PortAventura in its 360º Marketing management approach, through a new CRM model and by customising the customer experience in its different points of contact. We increase the eMailing open ends by 350% and the clicks in its online channels by 600% (Saleforce Marketing Cloud).

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We guarantee the immediacy, confidentiality and transparency of financial information reporting processes of Regulatory Bodies

We guarantee the governance and availability of critical and confidential information of more than 3,000 companies and banks and 4,000 million annual reports transferred to one of the main Financial Regulatory Bodies in Latin America, using our proprietary products.

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We design a new 'Angel Customer Care' for the hotel industry

A solution that allows the company to learn about the guest throughout the end-to-end of the travelling process, providing a 360º of the characteristics, peculiarities and interests of the guest. This allows a unique experience, adapted to each traveller and “moment”. Therefore, one of the most important hotel chains in the world can now also delegate its marketing actions to its own hotels.

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Our values unite us,

  • Meaningful Impact

    We place our experience, talent and intelligence at the service of each client.

  • Pioneering Impact

    We discover new paths that make transformation and innovation possible.

  • Hand-in-Hand Impact

    We accompany clients throughout their journey through acquired know-how and trust.

  • Driving Impact

    We create trends with the aim of revitalizing the present and ensuring the future.

our differences enrich us.

At Minsait we leave a mark. At Minsait we are Mark Makers, people with talent and multidisciplinary intelligences that open new paths.

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