How to build loyalty and increase revenue in the digital business by over 250%

Atresmedia Digital
May 11th, 2016

Using Minsait's relational model, Atresmedia Digital improved its knowledge of viewers and strengthened its commercial effectiveness, multiplying revenue by 3.5

The challenge optimise the management of user information to increase business profitability

Atresmedia Digital, the Atresmedia Group company responsible for the use of its content in digital platforms, possessed a very significant volume of information on platform users, but was not taking advantage of its full potential. In the first place, Atresmedia Digital did not have aggregated data on the activity of the users who registered through the different websites for the contracting of products and services. Thus, it could not carry out customized campaigns that would be of interest to its customers, nor could it send them customized advertising e-mails. Additionally, it did not have a system for finding out the customer response to the commercial actions sent by email.

The challenge for Minsait was to create a base for the Atresmedia Big Data strategy so that it could make the most of all its information on users. This solution made possible a successful commercial approach that would impact on loyalty building among viewers and consequently increase revenues.

The solution differential handling of website user information, making it more precise and commercially useful

From the perspective of information analysis, Minsait decided to create a single repository for information from different sources to be used to support commercial activity, segmentation, purchase analysis and services contracted by the registered users, as well as a study of web browsing and video watching of users registered in the different websites of the Group.

As well, from the point of view of website promotions, the proposed solution increased precision in a large number of commercial actions: the configuration of the campaigns based on segmentation of the registered users, the prediction of the printing volumes for each advertising campaign, the personalization of the email communications to the customer, the preview of the content sent and the recording and analysis of invalid e-mails.

Finally, for the monitoring of campaigns, the solution allowed knowledge of customers to be improved based on their website behaviour according to the user information metrics obtained.

The impact A 250% increase in revenue from the website business and 300% growth in the number of users

The solution developed by Minsait created the base for a new model for promotion of the Group's content on the website and of its digital growth strategy. The impact has become tangible in the significant growth achieved by the entire TVOD and SVOD business, quadrupling its base of registered users and subscribers and multiplying the revenue from this business line by 3.5.

With this project Atresmedia Digital is once again a pioneer in the Spanish and European audiovisual sectors, generating valuable relationships with its users and viewers through the Atresmedia video platform, with technology acting as an accelerator element

Rubén Vara Miguel

Head of Marketing and Audiencies for Atresmedia Digital