Recruitment process

It only takes three simple steps to join this challenge

Three steps to access an entirely new future


Technical and language tests (Junior only)

Technical tests to determine how you handle yourself in stressful situations, whether you are capable of contributing coherent solutions, and to assess your fluency level in English. This phase is only applicable to profiles with less than two years of experience.


Interviews to identify your strenghts and measure you knowledge and skills

Proposal of a technological test (technical profiles) or business case (consulting profiles). The aim of these tests is to assess your problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as your holistic vision and creativity. These interviews will be conducted by members of the team, so you will have a chance to meet them and share opinions and experiences.


HR interviews

Finally, a personal interview so we can get to know each other better and talk openly about your concerns and motivations, as well as to mutually discover what synergies unite us and will make us both stronger.

Five tips to prepare for the Minsait recruitment process


At Minsait, we want to get to know the real you-to discover what motivates you about our company, and what you can bring to our team. We therefore advise you to be very calm and rehearse the situation a few times with other people who can give you feedback.

Do your homework

Do you know what we do at Minsait? Visit our website for details about our division, the solutions we offer, and the type of projects we undertake. This will help you to find the most relevant synergies between your profile and our company that we can talk about.

Think before answering

Don't be in a hurry to provide a solution. At Minsait, we know that time is money, but what we value even more is a person's ability to visualize a problem and to identify and articulate the most suitable solution. Take your time.

Power to creativity

The traditional methodology isn't always the most effective one. Find new ways and fresh approaches to deal with a problem and we'll surely discover your more creative side.

Be yourself

At Minsait, we love diversity. That's why it's important that you show your real self during the interview. This will enable us to know you a little better in order to decide which would be the best team to have you join.

Prepare your technical interviews

One interview case simulates the real case of a company that wants to tackle a situation or dilemma. As the "consultant", you have to help them find the underlying cause of the problem and recommend a solution. To do this, you will need to ask the right questions during the interview, and the interviewer will provide you with the available data. Finally, you will have to recommend a solution based on the data that you have gathered and your analysis of the problem.

Dimensioning case example

Chewing gum market

How would you calculate the size of the annual chewing gum market in the United States?

The reasoning behind your answer is key.

Here is an example

Logic case example

Three light switches

You are in a room with three light switches, and each one controls one of the three bulbs in the adjacent room. Your task is to determine which switch corresponds to which light bulb. All the lights will be off. Bear in mind the following: you can only press two switches and you may only enter the adjacent room once.

How would you tackle the challenge to determine which switches control which light bulbs?

Each case has many answers.

Find out the most common answer here

Technical tests aim to have a full view of your application, regarding not only your technical profile, but also your skills.

The Business team will interview you in order to evaluate the technical knowledge you acquired with different tools, both academically and also in previous jobs.

Also, they may evaluate another skills, such as creativity, initiative or leadership.