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Bright minds that awaken other minds

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Minsait is the place where you create opportunity, break down barriers and conceive the future.

We thrive in a collaborative culture which sparks our creativity and fuels our audacity. The flexibility of our model is key for developing our best abilities, whenever, wherever and however we need them.

We are always alert, actively listening to explore and discover new paths. We allow ourselves a margin of error to constantly discover who we are and learn from each other at every step we take together.

We are where the action is. We break the mold to create a new reality, one in which we feel alive and can help our customers create what they need to create.

We create solutions to generate an impact on businesses and society. Being part of this team is a guarantee of transformation and recognition for each and every one of us-and for our entire group as a whole.

We create a new reality within each reality.

Last job offers advertised

Professionals with experience Solution Architects

Front Architect: Do you accept the challenge?

We are looking for a frontend, visit the offer and INSPECT to find out more ;-)

Professionals with experience Strategy Consultants

Strategy Manager - Tourism

We need to incorporate in our template a Manager with previous experience in Strategic Consulting.

Professionals with experience Management Consultants

Management Consultant with expertise in SQL

We seek to incorporate consultants with expertise in SQL, business dashboards and databases.

Professionals with experience Management Consultants

Consultant with knowledge of the healthcare / hospital sector

We seek to incorporate consultants with expertise in the healthcare and/or hospital business and who have participated in Health-related technology projects

Do you need reasons to join the team?


Be part of a fascinating transformational challenge. Join the development of an advanced suite of services with advance our holistic vision: from the most strategic to the most technological consulting. Services geared to meet the challenges of the disruptive change currently underway in every social and business area.


Lead the transformation collaborating with the best in the business. You will be part of a team comprised of professionals with highly diverse profiles (strategy consultants, technologists, hackers, usability experts, etc.) who will work hand-in-hand to address the challenges and satisfy of our customers.


Go beyond horizons. You will be able to develop your career in over 60 markets. Live your commitment to the team on a global scale.


Build a creative and innovative environment. At Minsait, we question established rules and propose disruptive solutions. Our focus and diversity allow us to tackle any project holistically and successfully.


Broaden your own individual development. Create your career plan from day one. Maximize your abilities and expand your talents to meet each successive challenge that comes you way.


Become a model. Become a leader. Be recognized as a visionary. We will help you acquire greater skills and connect to the global innovation ecosystem, so that you too can transform it according to your own needs.

Our diversity and multidisciplinary focus allow us to tackle any project successfully.


Life at Minsait

At Minsait, we are motivated by creating a real and meaningful impact on our customers' business. We are inspired by the reality in which we live, and we enjoy the strengths of our team both inside and outside our own work environment. We do this through alternative projects, cooperating in volunteering programs, or planning our tactical gameplan for the next sporting event 'win'.